The Brolly Baby - UV Protection Stroller Covers Standard Size - Fitness & Stroller Strides Moms

$ 45.00
Attention Stroller Strides Moms - No matter what type of stroller you have, and whether you call it a carriage, buggy, pram, stroller or jogger, they all have one need in common and that is to protect your little ones' sensitive skin from the harsh rays of the sun. It only takes a few minutes for your baby to burn. The Brolly Baby Stroller Covers are made using the best selling sun protective fabrics available, and will accommodate all stroller types and brands. Whether you have a single stroller, jogger, buggy or even a double stroller (side to side or front to rear), The Brolly Baby has you covered. It's as if there is an umbrella protecting your baby.

The covers are done in a fabric of 89% Polyester/11% Spandex. It has a super soft feel, great wicking properties and breathability. It blocks 98% of the sun's UVA and UVB rays.

The Standard Size cover fits all single strollers/joggers and is approximately 44" x 44". They are offered in two basic colors, Fuchsia or Turquoise. Each cover comes with a matching case to keep your cover clean and easy to pack.

These covers are large enough to be used as play blankets as well. They do not have straps that hook to the stroller, therefore there is nothing to bother baby when using it as a blanket. The soft jersey fabric just lays across your stroller. So easy to just grab quickly and use even as a nursing cover.

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